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Pool Table Rules And How To Play Pool

Pool is played with 7 yellow, 7 red, 1 black and 1 white ball. All 15 balls are placed in a triangle on the table alternately with the black ball in the centre. The home team will referee all matches. Referee tosses a coin for opposition. The winner chooses who breaks on the table. The opening pool player must pocket a ball or at least two balls must hit any cushion; failing to do so will result in balls being re-racked and the break being re-taken, or the free table rule applies.

If opening player pockets 1 or more balls of the same group they are committed to that group. Should the opening pool player pot one or more balls of both groups they must nominate a group and they are then committed to that group. Should the opening player fail to pot from the break, the next player accepts the balls in position and the same break rules apply as to the opener. Should the opening player pocket one or more balls off the break and at the same time commit a foul, any balls pocketed are ignored.

The following pool player plays and pots from both group and the free table rule applies. Each player, or side, attempts to pocket all balls of his group and then the 8 ball. The 8 ball can only be potted after all the players group have been cleared. After a group has been nominated, should a pool player pocket one or more of his opponent's balls, all balls are credited but players visit ends and two shots are awarded to his opponent. Following any foul the offending pool player loses their next visit to the table, giving their opponent two consecutive visits to the table.Should both players be on the black and a foul is committed, the frame is awarded to the opponent. Combination shots are allowed including in off the opponents ball provided a ball of the correct object group is struck first by the cue ball. If the cue ball is pocketed, it is replaced behind the line and may be played in any direction. Two shots are awarded and free pool table rule applies. Should any balls leave the table during a visit the following rules will apply:

Opponents balls are credited (retrieve and pocketed). Players' balls are replaced on triangle spot or nearest position without touching any other ball. Cue ball is replaced behind the line and played in any direction. Should the pool player snooker an opponent and he cannot play both sides of any of his balls ( this includes being 'jawed'), then free ball rule applies and the cue ball can be played from behind the line. Whilst a player is in the process of taking a shot, his opponent and opposing team should stay still and quiet at all times. Infringement may result in the loss of a stroke at the discretion of the referee.

Coaching of players is only allowed between doubles partners. Once a player approaches the pool table for his visit, he may not talk to his doubles partner until the end of that visit. When a captain has selected his six players for the singles and played them, he can then substitute up to six players for the doubles. In the event of a player taking a shot, and in doing so leaves a ball on the edge of the pocket after their visit to the table, if the opponent then touches the pool table or bridges for a shot and the ball drops into the pocket, it will be deemed as a foul. But, if the ball drops before the next pool player touches the table, the first player will continue their break.

When a player is awarded two shots they also have a free table when they can hit or pot any ball on the table, unless they are on the black, where rule six applies. Teams may only consist of two players between the age of 14 and 17. All other players must be 18 or over. A deliberate foul shot will result in two shots to the opponent.

Delivery and installation included

Pool table delivery and installation anywhere on the Costa Blanca included in the prices. We have supplied tables all over Spain and the Islands, so please enquire for other areas.

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We offer a full recovering and maintenance service for Snooker and Pool tables- please contact us with your requirements and for a quotation

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