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9 Ball Rules

The object of the game is to pot the 9 ball, It's that simple!

When racking, all the 9 pool balls are used. Each has a different colour, and they are numbered 1 to 9. The pool balls are set up in a diamond formation on the table with the 1 Ball sitting at the front of the rack, on the spot nearest the back cushion. The 9 ball goes in the middle of the diamond and the rest of the balls can be placed anywhere in the rack.

The Break. The game starts with the break-off shot. The cue ball is placed anywhere behind the head string ('the line' if you're used to snooker or pub pool!), and the player who is breaks the table shoots the cue ball into the rack of balls. The breaking player must ensure he hits the 1 ball first, and that at least 4 balls hit a cushion.

The Push-Out. On the first shot after a legal break regardless of whether any balls were potted off the break, or who is at the table, a player can opt to play a push-out shot. This means for that for one shot only he does not need to hit another ball or cushion, but he does not get to play another shot in that turn even if a ball goes in. His opponent then has the choice of playing the table from where the cue ball has landed, or putting the other pool player back in to take the shot. The game then continues as normal. The push-out shot is extremely useful if you are snookered after the break.

Continuing Play. When a player takes a shot, he must always hit the lowest numbered ball that is still on the pool table. Any other ball can be legally potted, so long as the lowest numbered ball is the first one the cue ball makes contact with. In addition, if a ball is not potted during a shot, then at least one ball (any object ball or the cue ball) must make contact with a cushion for the shot to be legal. This must happen after the cue ball has made contact with the object ball. A player continues until he fails to pot a ball, or until he legally pots the 9 ball and wins the frame.

Fouls. A foul is committed if:

1. The first ball the cue ball makes contact with is not the lowest numbered ball on the table.

2. The cue ball is potted or leaves the pool table.

3. A ball fails to hit a cushion after the cue ball has made contact with the object ball (doesn't apply if a ball if potted during the shot).

When a player commits a foul, his opponent then has 'ball in hand', meaning he may place the cue ball anywhere on the table and continue playing. If a pool player commits three consecutive fouls, he loses the frame, but only if his opponent reminds him after the second foul. If his opponent is not alert enough to mention it, this rule doesn't apply. If the 9 Ball is potted during a foul shot it is then re-potted.

End Of Game. The game of pool is over when a legal shot results in the 9 ball being pocketed, or if a player loses by conceding 3 consecutive fouls.

Delivery and installation included

Pool table delivery and installation anywhere on the Costa Blanca included in the prices. We have supplied tables all over Spain and the Islands, so please enquire for other areas.

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